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World war III Trends Globally


World war III Trends Globally! After an airstrike on Baghdad airport, Iran, ordered by Donald Trump killed Major-General Qassem Soleimani.

World war III Trends?

Iran’s leader Ayatollah Khomeinei promised “harsh vengeance” in response to the attack, prompting speculation about what might happen next.

More terrifying, the keyphrase, WORLD WAR III has already started trending across all social media platforms and Google.

With the current incidents between the USA and IRAN, social media got people imagining how the scenes will be like if world war 3 should really occur.

it rather fascinating how some Twitter users post pictures, videos, and memes about what their response will be should they be called to serve their country during world war iii.

in Ghana, a music video by Ofori Amponsah also started trending, in the video, the musician told his soulmate how he would fight for her in the year 2020.

Watch video below

Some Twitter users expressed their worries about why such a phrase, WORLD WAR III be trending worldwide.

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