Home Lifestyle Guys, here is why slim girls can chop d!ck!

Guys, here is why slim girls can chop d!ck!


Guys, here is why slim girls can chop d!ck.

Sometimes it is really difficult to understand why slim ladies can fu(k the hell out of guys while the fat ones struggle.

Before any point, it obvious slim girls have LARGER machine than the fat girls

Here ar the hidden secrets.

Generally, fat ladies turn to run out of energy quickly than slim ladies. Do you agree?

Again, it is just obvious that slim girls crave for s£x more often fat ladies.

Here are more reasons slims ladies can chop d!ck

1. Slim women are usually found attractive:

Yes, true! With the thin legs and arms, tight body and absolutely no folds. You bet they are indeed attractive. They are able to slay body fit dresses effortlessly, rock high heels like crazy with their straight posture. And not to mention when they are in lingerie… (ok, bye)
2.Slim women are perceived as sekzually agile:
Ok, not hating on my plus size queens but let us face it, slim girls rock them fellas really good. You know, they are lighter in weight, easily controllable in bed and all that stuff. So the guys who are equally active in bed wouldn’t want to be cheated. It’s like Game of Thrones (think about it).
3. Slim women are usually seen as healthy:
Yeah right, I know you might roll your eyes at this point because probably you know a slim girl who can’t even walk 3 blocks and eats junk like no body’s business. Yeah, my bestie is just like that. But since they are the ones with the flat bellies and smaller waistlines, brisk walks like they are on the Victoria Secret runway and so on, guys naturally want to think they are healthier than the plus-sized ladies. (I know you rolled your eyes again)
4. Slim women seem healthier for having babies:
Yeah because they are perceived healthy, it is like the system is prepared for anything and they have less fat, it is believed that the womb is stronger and can easily carry the fetus with no complications.
5.Slim women have a lower risk of heart attacks and diabetes:

The heart pumps freely when it’s clean and fat-free, the sugar level is normal which makes you free from diabetes. This is not to say slim ladies cant have heart attacks or diabetes, but considering the fact that they have the lesser amount of fat in their system, this gives them the minimum chance at suffering a heart attack.

Guys you now know why chopping slim ladies could be fun…try it!


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