A simple life of a teenage boy. Chapter 4
A simple life of a teenage boy. part 4

A simple life of a teenage boy

An intriguing novel by: PETERSAN

About a month passed and I’m starting to feel like I’ve already grown up. There’s always a strange feeling within me when I get older and older. When I was in 5th grade, I thought my seniors who were studying at 7th or 8th grade were a lot bigger and matured. And now when I’m in their position, I feel like I’m still very young.

At present, when I look at my seniors who are now in 10th grade, I feel like they have a lot of responsibilities and things to do in their life. But I know that when I’ll be in the same stage after two or three years, I will still feel younger like I was in 7th Grade. I have a habit of thinking a lot of things while nobody else cares. Even in my classroom, friends call me ‘Lecturer’ or a ‘Baby Professor’ Because most of the times when I brag about nature, life or time, they think like I’m some kind of professor or philosopher.


But I tell them because I think so and not to be smart. My school, St. Joseph Academy is ranked among the best in our region and there were many past students who are now either a professor or some sort of brainy researcher in big colleges around the globe. Now my friends think me as their successor which of course I am not

A simple life of a teenage boy


Part 3

It is my third year as a student of St. Joseph and I feel good to be in this school. Especially, when I have tons of friends waiting there for me. I live in a small city called Aberdeen in Scotland and my school is just a five minute walk from home. So it is a lot easier for me to commute between home and school. Most of my friends come from places such as Charlestown and Kingswells which is a 30 minute drive by bus.

My life at home is same as usual unlike my school. My best friend James is moving out of town and I feel a bit depressed. His family is in London so he will be staying there. He was a good friend of mine who used to understand me better than anyone else. We used to share our lunch and even play together all the time during our school and even outside. We cared for each other. Our parents know each other very well and they are good friends. But after he gets out of this town, it will be a problem for me due to my unsocial character at school. James was all I had so I didn’t care much about other friends but now it will be real hard to establish my friendship with others.

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A simple life of a teenage boy

Besides, I’m feeling a bit lonely without him. I lost one of my best friend from childhood. He will study at The American School in London which is a prestigious and good institution. I wish nothing but the best for his upcoming life. Anyway, it was hard to goodbye him. I hope to visit London in my upcoming winter break

At home – 9:35 PM, Thursday

A light breeze of cold air is flowing in this lonely evening. I see uncountable stars above the sky twinkling along with the bright moon. My mom’s calling me for the meal and I hear light screaming voice of my sister. She might be watching some dramas or movies downstairs.

A simple life of a teenage boy

In my room, all the lights are turned off because the moon’s light is lighting the whole area and I enjoy it. In my PC, DOTA is open and I’m playing it for straight one hour. I’ve completed all the homework so that I won’t face any problems tomorrow in school. Meanwhile, I’m starving badly, so I will rush to eat the food after I complete a level.

A simple life of a teenage boy

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